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Get it all with a Nook mattress.

Breathable. Washable. Certified. Water-Resistant. The Safest all-in-one crib mattress for your baby.

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My Baby Finally Sleeps!

"As soon as we transitioned our baby into her crib she slept longer than she ever had. I love that I don’t have to compromise her comfort and safety they all are included in the Pebble Pure Mattress. Thank you NookSleep for an amazing product that every baby should be dreaming on."

Brittany B. Verified Buyer of Pure

I highly recommend!

"Little one would wake up regularly twice a night! Since we put her on this mattress she has slept through the night every night. I don’t have any fear of her rolling over and sleeping on her tummy with this mattress."

Rachel M. Verified Buyer of Dream

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Organic Crib Mattress

The all natural Pure Organic crib mattress fights dust mites, germs and bedbugs!

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Breathable Crib Mattress

Top-Ranked by, the Breeze Crib Mattress is certified safe and breathable!

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Cotton Crib Mattress

Made of nature's most breathable fabric, the Dream Cotton is certified safe for baby!

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Only the BEST for our baby!!!

I found Nook while researching baby gear and immediately knew that we were buying it all. The pebble pure mattress was the perfect choice to make sure our baby would be safe and comfortable. It is worth it!!!!! The Niche pillow has been with us all day everyday for the last 3 months. Our baby is glowing. We Love our NOOK products and will definitely be buying a larger mattress when our baby outgrows this one. Products are great; Service is great. Thanks so much!


Massive anxiety relief for Mom!

Our 5 month old rolled over and started sleeping not just on her belly but basically face planted. I had 2 nights of not getting any sleep at all watching her like a hawk to make sure she wasn’t suffocating herself and bought the Pebble Pure at 3am and overnighted it. Our little girl fell in love with her Pebble Pure mattress immediately. It’s so cozy I want one for myself and I feel so much better because you can literally smash your face in the mattress and still breath. Being a crazy new mom I tried it myself and breathed just fine! Plus you can feel good about the materials your baby is breathing all night long. 

Lauren C.

Best Mattress Ever

We absolutely love our Dream Cotton mattress. Our daughter sleeps so well and we get more sleep also! Win win! With Ryan having special needs we needed a mattress that would not only aid in better sleep but also that was breathable and anti microbial - Nook provided and our girl now has deeper, healthier sleep! 

Cortney L., former nurse

The healthiest mattress!

We bought our first Nook mattress for our daughter who has allergies, but it turned out to be the most comfortable and healthy mattress in our house. We have since bought four more for everyone else in the family and we all swear by it. It is great to know that we are sleeping on a product that is good for us and feels great too.

Dr. Peter Borden, MD Sports and Spine Orthopedics

This Pediatric Physician Approves!

The single most important piece of furniture in your baby’s nursery is the mattress your child will sleep on. It is critical to choose a mattress that is breathable and made of natural materials so it won’t release toxic fumes for your newborn to inhale. This is why the only mattress my children will sleep on are Nook Sleep mattresses. Mattresses so innovative that the mattress core and cover work together harmoniously to ensure your baby stays cool and breathes fresh air all night long.

Dr. Patricia Bast, Pediatric Physician

Amazing Mattress!

We purchased the Pebble Air for our first baby and we are so happy we did! We had no issues transitioning her from rock and play to crib. She slept through night and all naps right away. Now that she’s rolling and sleeping on stomach we feel comfortable knowings it’s breathable and she is safe!! Highly recommend this mattress!!

Nicole R.

Relax, We're Really, Really Certified

We Care Where it Matters Most.

Like you, we think your baby deserves high-quality non-toxic products from a brand you can trust.

Be confident and happy that your baby has the best products for their nursery.

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Preventing sids

Reducing the risk of SIDS for every baby.

We want to help bring you peace of mind by protecting your baby against the known causes of SIDS. Suffocation is the leading cause of death among children under 1 year old. That’s why all of our products are designed to create oxygen-rich, temperature-controlled environments for your baby.

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Helping Alleviate Allergies

We only use materials that are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Our goal is to help reduce allergic reactions in infants through the use of al-natural certified organic cotton, wool, eucalyptus, and zinc.

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Order & Relax!

So you can stop worrying about buying the wrong nursery products, and instead be a calm, confident mom! You're going to do great!

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