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Nook Organic Mini Crib Mattress SafeSleep™ Cover

Nook Organic Mini Crib Mattress SafeSleep™ Cover


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3D SafeSleep™ Pebble
Cloud Pebble | Organic Cotton
Misty Pebble | Organic Cotton
Blush Pebble | Organic Cotton
Sea Glass Pebble | Organic Cotton

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Product Specifications

Organic Mini Crib Mattress SafeSleep™ covers for your organic mini crib mattress. Breathable, Safe and Machine Washable for the best mini crib mattress for baby and toddler.

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Don't put a non-breathable, waterproof pad on your mattress. Protect your baby AND your mattress with a SafeSleep™ cover.

Breathe-Thru Pebble

Organic Cotton + Eucalyptus

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Keep Your Baby Sleeping All Night Long

The soft, raised patented Pebble design increases the airflow around your baby, optimizing the amount of oxygen your baby gets throughout the night. 







Sea Glass


Optimal airflow keeps the surface oxygen-rich for baby's safety. Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of our organic Pebble Covers!

Give your baby the best with a Pebble crib mattress cover!

Parents Love Their Extra Mini Crib Mattress Covers!

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