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The SafeSleep™ Cover

Whether paired with our mattresses or accessories, the Pebble, Dimple or Print SafeSleep™ Cover Wrap delivers all the same amazing benefits regardless of the Nook product.

Made only from the best of the best, every material in this special fabric is sourced with your baby’s safety and comfort in mind. The organic cotton provides luxurious softness and breathability while the inherent moisture wicking capability of eucalyptus keeps baby cool and comfortable.

The inspiration behind the products we make does not stop with the materials we source. We have discovered that nature offers a natural defense against intrusion in the simplest yet most effective ways. Using all natural low impact Zinc, mother earths first anti-microbial safeguard, the SafeSleep™ material is completely protected against mites, bed bugs, fungi and mold. We take it one step further by incorporating a water and stain resistant barrier that mirrors the way plants repel water in nature, all while offering the highest level of breathability.

Every material in this special fabric is sourced with your baby's safety and comfort in mind.

The Core

Every family has different needs but one common thread that all parents share is their unwavering dedication to their child’s safety. When it comes to choosing your Nook mattress, we have four certified safe options covered. It’s simple: Which Nook mattress best meets the needs of your home?

Organic Pure: Organic inside and out, this top of the line mattress offers a premium build of natural coconut fiber, 100% natural tree rubber protected by an unprocessed and unbleached wool fire barrier. Simple. Straight Forward. Supremely Safe.

Breathable Breeze: Taking breathability to a whole new level, the Breathable Breeze uses CertiPUR-US® Foam with strategically placed open air channels to allow oxygen to flow freely.

Dream Cotton: Truly one of a kind, the Dream Cotton uses nature's most breathable material, cotton, to give baby a safe and breathable sleep space. Using upcycled cotton denim, the Dream Cotton is eco-friendly and safe.

Lightweight Air: Considered the best lightweight option in its class, the Air packs a major punch when it comes to breathability. The dual-sided CertiPUR-US® Foam mattress is ideal for infant and toddler sleep.

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The System

Nook is our name and innovation is our game! Unlike other mattress companies that require additional purchases before use, we pride ourselves on offering our families a one and done system that arrives crib ready. They say the best things come in pairs and this could not be truer than with any of Nook’s mattresses.

First, choose the Nook core that meets your needs, then the wrap color that fits your style. No mattress pad is required and bedding is optional which makes for less laundry and more snuggle time with baby.

Which Nook mattress best meets the need of your home?

The Commitment

Just as we commit to supporting our Nook families in their successful journey of parenthood, we also pledge to support our U.S. economy, both in the work force we employee and the materials we source.

The certified natural wool fire-barrier used in our Pure mattress comes from family-owned farms in Northern California and Oregon. The certified CertiPUR-US foam used in the Breeze, Air and ChangePad is produced and stringently tested right here in the U.S. All of the zippers are made in the USA and we proudly source all packaging locally from a partner in our hometown of Los Angeles.

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