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We invented the Pebble design to bring a solution to parents wanting a safe AND comfortable mattress that's easy to use. It's the only baby mattress solution that is supremely soft and cozy to touch, breathable to reduce the risk of suffocation and water-resistant keeping your baby comfortable all night while protecting your mattress from unwanted messes.

Increases Airflow

The asymmetrical pillowed pebbles provide greater breathability inside the crib and around your baby, reducing the risk of suffocation.

Instantly Comfortable

The Pebble design is supremely soft and cozy, right next to baby's sensitive skin, keeping them comfortable all night long.

Keeps baby Cool

The Pebble lets your baby locate their own sleeping "nook" while channeling heat and moisture away at the same time.

Soft & Safe

Paired with our certified safe 2-stage firm crib mattresses, the Pebble is the only soft, cozy and safe crib mattress for your baby.

A Mattress for the Whole Family

From baby's to big kids, everyone benefits from the Pebble.

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