Crib Mattress+Cover = All-in-One!

Your Nook. Your Way.

You need a crib mattress and you need bedding. Lucky for you, our all-in-one mattresses come with your choice of cover. Our SafeSleep™ covers do it all, too! They're water-resistant, machine washable, breathable and supremely soft so you and baby will sleep safely and peacefully!

1. Choose your crib mattress

2. Choose your cover

Choose one of our 3 safe crib mattresses!

All GREENGUARD Gold Certified, safe, breathable and non-toxic, you can't go wrong!

Pure Organic

All natural mattress that fights germs and bedbugs.

Starting at $419

Customize Your Pure Organic 1
Pure Organic Layers

Coconut Coir

Rubber Tree Latex

Organic Wool

The Most Organic Place for Baby to Sleep

Be confident and happy knowing your baby has the safest and healthiest crib mattress.


Sourced and inspired by nature, all of the materials are derived from the earth.


Creates an oxygen-rich environment for your baby to sleep safely and comfortably through the night.


2 stages offer an ultra-firm side for your infant and a slightly softer side for toddlers.

Room to Grow

Built to last, your baby can sleep comfortably from crib to toddler bed!

Customize Your Pure Organic

Dream Cotton

Certified Safe Materials for Baby and for the Earth.

Starting at $299

Customize Your Dream Cotton 2
Dream Cotton Layers


Non Toxic Freudenberg Fire Barrier

Safe for Baby. Safe for Earth.

Like you, we think your baby deserves the best mattress to sleep on, which is why we created the innovative Dream Cotton crib mattress made with hypoallergenic, up-cycled cotton denim.


Made from cotton, one of Earth's most naturally breathable materials.


Made from ethically sourced recycled materials, the Dream Cotton keeps 36 pairs of jeans out of landfills.


Dual-density up-cycled cotton denim is naturally breathable, moisture absorbing and temperature regulating.

Customize Your Dream Cotton


Top ranked breathable crib mattress by Safety.com!

Starting at $349

Customize Your Breeze 3
Breeze Layers

CertiPUR-US® Foam

Non Toxic Freudenberg Fire Barrier

The Safest Place for Baby to Sleep

You deserve to easily find a mattress for your baby that's not only comfortable but is also safe. That's why the last 10 years we've been creating the safest, highest quality, natural products that reduce the risk of SIDS and bring you peace of mind.


Strategically placed air channels create an oxygen-rich environment for your baby to sleep safely and comfortably throughout the night.

SIDS Prevention

Green Guard Gold Certified, meeting the highest safety standards for air quality.


Made without flame retardants, off-gassing chemicals, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, lead or other heavy metals.

Customize Your Breeze

Explore our 3 Supremely Soft Cover Options

So much more than a crib sheet, cover your crib mattress in a Print, Dimple or Pebble machine washable cover!

Soft Dimple

Organic Eucalyptus + Cotton

Learn More

Supremely Soft, Cool and Comfortable

We know you want to be confident and happy about the mattress cover your baby will be sleeping on, which is why we created our safe, breathable, organic hypoallergenic, antimicrobial mattress covers.

Cloth Diaper

Baby Blues

Rosie Cheeks

Silver Rattle

Watch our covers in action and see why moms love our crib mattress covers!

Our crib mattress covers are great as a backup or for multiples!

Start customizing by choosing your core!

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Organic Cotton + Eucalyptus

Learn More

Keep Your Baby Sleeping All Night Long

You deserve to easily find a crib mattress cover for your baby that's not only comfortable but is also safe. That's why our signature Pebble covers have been giving babies the safest and most peaceful night sleep for the last 10 years.







Sea Glass


Optimal airflow keeps the surface oxygen-rich for baby's safety. Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of our organic Pebble Covers!

Give your baby the best with a Pebble crib mattress cover!

Start customizing by choosing your core!

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