Why Nook Loves Earth Day

Why Nook Loves Earth Day

Earth Day is Every Day at Nook

It's simple, really. Nook is a company of moms and we are continually striving to decrease (if not eliminate) our carbon footprint on this beautiful planet we're lucky enough to call home. We make it a priority to teach our children what it means to take care of our Earth not only at home but also through the intentional decisions we make in the development and production our products every single day. From the carefully sourced materials in each product we make to the details in and functionality of our patented Pebble design to our company's core values, every decision comes from the love for our planet, our children—and yours.

From Mother Nature to Your Home

Nook is particularly focused on sourcing the most natural, organic materials we can find. We have an immense respect for the Earth and aim to reverse as many negative implications on the environment by making responsible choices both in the materials we choose and the manufacturing processes we implement. From Coconut Coir to Kapok to Natural Wool and Latex, if we can reuse or repurpose a natural resource, we will.

From Core to Cover, this crib mattress uses organic, sustainable, natural and healthy materials because we want only the best for your baby.

Nook's flagship product is our Pebble Pure Crib Mattress . We strongly believe that no parent should have to sacrifice on ensuring their baby is sleeping on a healthy, non-toxic, breathable crib mattress. After all, that's where babies spend the majority of their time in the first couple years of their lives. This was the driving force behind developing the Pure. From Core to Cover, this crib mattress uses organic, sustainable, natural and healthy materials because we want only the best for your baby.

Make It Yours - Pebble Pure

Niche Nursing Pillow

And take a look at our Award-Winning Organic Niche Nursing Pillow . Every material used in this wonderful and first in class nursing pillow is derived from the Earth, making it completely natural and organic, inside and out.


LilyPad Playmats

But we don’t stop there, our Lilypad Playmat and Lilypad2 Playmat combined, reuse about 125 plastic water bottles that would otherwise wine up in a landfill.


Inspired by Nature

We're often asked how we chose the names of our colors. The answer is easy! We love the Earth and it's our greatest source of inspiration. All of our colors are named after beautiful, sometimes overlooked beauties Mother Nature has to offer. From the beginning, our colors were inspired by one of nature's most beautiful wonders, the rainbow. But we weren't ones to keep things basic so we took our colors a step further and gave life to them in a way that truly connects our products to where they came from. And thus, Blossom, Poppy, Daffodil, Lawn, Sea Glass and Cloud were born. It doesn't hurt that we're a California-based company and we love our state flower, the Poppy!

Our signature Pebble wrap is perhaps what started it all! Inspired by the way water moves across and in between the rocks in a stream, our Pebble is not only aptly named but it also has plenty of benefits. We know how important it is to have a healthy and breathable crib mattress for your baby. But did you know our Pebble design serves more than one purpose? While it is beautiful, the Pebble wrap provides added airflow around your baby, helping regulate their temperature as they sleep, reducing the risk of SIDS by increasing the flow of oxygen in and around your baby. Just like the water makes its way around the rocks and pebbles in a stream, the air makes its way around the pebbles on our wraps, giving both you and your sweet baby a peaceful night sleep.

How Nook Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day holds a much deeper connection to our Nook Family than just celebrating environmental responsibility. It’s an opportunity and platform to come together as a group, town, nation and WORLD to remember that we MUST make every effort to minimize our own carbon footprints each day throughout the year...not just on April 22nd. More than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. How cool is that?

Earth Day means a great deal to Nook, so much so, we are offering our LARGEST promotional discount ever! Join our newsletter for more details as we get closer to Earth Day on April 22. Sign up for our newsletter in the footer of the site to join the Nook Family and be in the “know” on all Nook savings and information!

Love from Nook and Happy Earth Day!

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