What is a Nursing Pillow?

What is a Nursing Pillow?

You’re sitting in your bed, mere minutes after delivering a sweet baby, and now it’s time for the first feeding. What do I do? How do I hold the baby? Those first few times breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby were nerve-wracking, but you quickly figured it out, usually with some help from a nurse or lactation consultant. They brought you water to keep you hydrated, and gave you a pillow to support the baby in your arms. You wondered if a nursing pillow was necessary or if you could use a feather pillow, a memory foam pillow, or a throw pillow? After trying a few options, you soon learned how to use a nursing pillow to give you and your baby the best support. In a few short days, you figured out the answer to “Do I need a nursing pillow?” was a resounding YES for the most comfortable breastfeeding or bottle feeding positions!

Niche Nursing Pillow

We didn't have a Niche with my first, but thankfully we had it by the time my second was born and, having been through it without a Niche the first go 'round, I can tell you what a difference having a truly supportive nursing pillow made. Not only was it comfortable, super soft and thick, but all of those things came together to provide the best nursing pillow I've ever used, no matter what position I wanted to feed in. Whether you're a first time mom or a seasoned pro, every baby brings on a new feeding journey and the Niche is the best nursing pillow for any position you and your baby prefer!

Spit up or bottle leaks may happen, which is why we’ve made the Niche cover machine washable. You may wonder if the nursing pillow can be washed - you can spot clean it as needed, and fluff up the organic cotton filling by massaging the pillow.

Boppy, My Brest Friend, or Niche? The Niche is the only non-toxic and organic option that also has more surface area, giving you peace of mind you’re using the safest AND most supportive nursing pillow on your feeding journey!

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