What is a Breathable Crib Mattress?

What is a Breathable Crib Mattress?

When we announced I was pregnant with our first child, my mother began asking me all kinds of questions: “What color is the nursery going to be?”, “Have you picked out a crib?”. Then there were chats with my girlfriends: “Are you doing a gender reveal?”, “Have you joined that moms’ group I sent you on Facebook?”.

I knew they meant well, but with each question, I could feel the anxiety increasing and my blood pressure rising. Sifting through the info packets and links from my OBGYN, I couldn’t find the listing for the class on “How to Pick Out Nursery Items That Won’t Suffocate Your Child”. I felt lost in a world of baby facts and everything I read on Google only heightened my stress and fear of failing as a mom. Mom-guilt was starting, and I hadn’t even had the baby yet!

For that very reason, we have taken the responsibility upon ourselves here at Nook to arm you with knowledge so that you can confidently peruse the baby aisle and know exactly which questions to ask. The first step to choosing safe nursery items for your baby is knowing what to look for. Breathability is a key quality to keep your eye on, especially when choosing a mattress. But what does it all mean, and do you need a breathable crib mattress?


What is a breathable crib mattress, and are breathable crib mattresses necessary?

First things first, a breathable crib mattress allows for air to move between all layers of the mattress, from cover to core, and out the other side. To ensure maximum breathability, we wrap our mattresses in our custom SafeSleep™ covers, which are made from supremely soft and breathable organic cotton and eucalyptus. The raised pebble or dimpled surface is strategically designed to increase airflow around the baby.

Not only does increased airflow mean maximum breathability, but it also acts as temperature control allowing air to move all around the body during sleep. No more frustrating hot and sleepless nights for your baby (and more sleep for you!)

The breathability of our mattresses goes all the way to the core. Nook mattresses are made of organic coconut coir, natural rubber latex, upcycled cotton denim or non-toxic CertiPUR®-US foam, depending on the model. All these materials make for an extremely breathable environment for baby. Oftentimes we’re asked if foam crib mattresses should be breathable. Our answer is simple: ALL crib mattresses should be breathable. If you’re going to choose a foam-based mattress, we recommend choosing one that uses CertiPUR®-US foam, because that guarantees your baby mattress will be breathable AND non-toxic.  

But, do I really need a breathable crib mattress?

There’s a reason why putting plastic over your face is one of the most well-known safety hazards, so it’s a wonder why anyone would choose a baby mattress secured in a thick layer of plastic. Sure, it might protect your mattress, but is it safe for your baby?

Let us make this simple - our crib mattresses and SafeSleep™ crib mattress covers don’t use plastic. To prove our point, we've designed our mattresses to stand up to the face smash test! You can smash your face against any one of our mattresses and breathe deeply and with ease. (That won’t happen on those plastic covered mattresses.) Some babies like to sleep on their stomachs, and as much as you have been warned, there may be nothing you can do to prevent them from turning onto their tummy. Rolling over is a big developmental milestone for them and they’re excited about it! Knowing your baby is breathing deeply in an oxygen-rich environment helps calm your concerns and answers the question “Are breathable crib mattresses safer?”

With a Nook non-toxic mattress, you don’t have to worry about breathability. Every material is completely non-toxic and safe for baby. And if you ever have any questions, we’re just a phone call, email or web chat away!

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