Thanks Dads!

We've been overwhelmed by all of the nominations for amazing dads this year and just knew we needed to share the love with all of you! Here are some of the incredible nominations we received. 

Thanks to all of the inspiring dads out there. Happy Father's Day!

"The greatest papa"

Ever since I can remember my father has been selfless. Whether it was asking him for the piece of brownie he had to now that we got older to always helping us out in any situation. It doesn't matter what time or favor if he can do it no questions asked he will. He's been the greatest papa to my children and when I divorced he stepped up even more to make sure my children never lacked in anything. Everyone friends and family know they can always call my father and he's there to help. Sad too because people have seen this and token advantage of his kindness but no matter what he is always blessed. He has taught us that and I'm grateful for him and watching him be an example of what it is to be a husband, father, grandfather and friend. - @artsymomof4

"He juggles it all with ease!"

My husband, Rob! He was a single dad of two when we met and we have since added a little one to our family. He juggles being active duty military, a college student and full time dad with ease! We are so grateful for his love. - @shmellli

"He's the stay at home parent!"

My husband is such an amazing daddy to our two year old daughter and unborn daughter also. He had to quit his job and be the stay at home parent and does such a fantastic job. He spends so much time teaching and caring for our daughter, I’m so thankful for him! - anonymous

"My dad is a great one."

When I was 8 year old, I told my dad I wanted to be professional baseball when I grew up. The next day at school when I shared this revelation with my class at lunch time, the boys informed me a girl had never played professional baseball before. I came home and was very upset my dad didn’t tell me this! I remember he looked at me and said, “I will never stop you from dreaming.” I ended up getting a softball scholarship to college. My dad is a great one. Happy Fathers Day! - @aeh333

"An incredible example of strength, love and resiliency."

Adrian is just a gem of a dad and an amazing partner in life. He grounds us all and keeps us laughing, something I find absolutely priceless (this past year especially!). He steps up and meets our family’s ever-changing needs without complaint. We welcomed our third sweet babe in December, just three days before his own father was lost to the pandemic. Through it all, he has been an incredible example of strength, love, and resiliency. I’m so proud to be his wife and so grateful to have him loving and guiding our children. Happy Father’s Day to the best guy we know! - @brediaz

"I love that my girls will look up to him."

My husband is an awesome dad because he's not afraid to get silly with my girls and do all the voices in all the books. He has stepped up even more during this pandemic to help this stressed out momma out. I love that they will look up to him with all of the good memories and lessons and learn from the challenges and hardships. - @spalmieri

"There are no limits."

His children are his number one commitment. There are no limits to what a great father will do to love, provide, and protect his children. It's a mommy, in a man’s body. - @ryankelley_

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