We’ve had so many of you, our amazing customers, asking us if we’ll be having another sale before our annual Black Friday event that we decided to do something extra special just for you!

Just over 2 years ago, we launched our brand new website and updated our brand, which brought Nook out of the dark ages and into the bright and colorful world that parenting is all about. We put a lot of time and consideration into our website and what it offers to our customers—from the images to the content to the inspiration and even to our blogs! That same attention to detail and dedication goes into the R&D for each and every product we bring to you and, most importantly, to every single material we choose to source. We pride ourselves on choosing ethically sourced sustainable materials not only because of their natural beauty but also for their purposeful benefits they pass along to your precious babies.

As we continue to look ahead at what’s in store for Nook, we want to hear from YOU! We value your opinions, thoughts, feedback and love more than our own and that’s why we’re here to celebrate you!

A Discount for Your Thoughts

From Monday, July 2 through Sunday, July 8, we’re running a one-week only sale and the discount you get is up to you! We’re always striving to provide the best customer service possible and want to hear from you on what you love and where you think we can improve. After all, without you, we wouldn’t be here!

You may or may not have received an email from us asking about your experience on our site or your past purchases. As a thank you for leaving a review for us, we’ve been thanking you with a 10% discount and if you’ve gone the extra mile and shared your review on social media, you’ve gotten 15% off sitewide!

Well…For this week only, we’re upping the ante to 15% and 20% savings opportunities, the amount you get off is up to you! This is the last sale we’ll be having before Black Friday so you don’t want to miss it!

Did you know…?

Nook’s Warranty Program

Nook offers one of the best warranty programs on the market! We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our crib mattresses, a 10-year warranty on our Twin and Full mattresses, and a 6-month warranty on all pillows and accessories! While we personally inspect each product before it gets shipped to you, we’re only human and sometimes things slip through the cracks. From time to time we’ve seen small snags or zippers breaking. If you’ve experienced ANY hiccups with our products, we want to know so we can remedy it for you!

Filling out a warranty claim is simple! All you need to do is:

For a full list of what’s covered under our warranty program, check out our Warranty Information.

Your Purchase Helps Save Lives

We’re a company of mothers. We put your (and our) baby’s safety, health and comfort at the top of our list in all that we do. Which is why with every purchase you make on our website, you invest in research and studies for reducing infant death. Through the help of our loyal customers, we’ve been able to donate over $10,000 to the American SIDS Institute.

How to Get Your Discount

Now for the fun part! To get your limited time sitewide savings, simply check your email! We’ll be sending you emails asking for your feedback either on your experience on our site or for recent projects. Simply click on the link, write a review and get 15% off or share your review and get 20% off...THIS WEEK ONLY! It will take a few minutes for the discount code to appear in your inbox but, if for some reason, you don’t get one within 24 hours, please contact our office and we’ll be glad to help! If you are a new customer, call us at 310-417-8220 and we'll send you an email to get your discount code!