Pebble Focus: LilyPad Playmat

Pebble Focus: LilyPad Playmat

If there were a product that offered multi-functionality that grows with your family from the time you brought baby home through childhood, adolescence and beyond, wouldn’t you just have to have it? Look no further than Nook’s very own non-toxic LilyPad Playmat. While the LilyPad started out as every parent’s must-have portable cushy safe space for baby at home or on the go, it quickly became a favorite for every member of the family.

The LilyPad is a true playmat, offering much more than other playmats on the market. It’s a healthy, supportive, non-toxic, recyclable and sustainable playmat that’s lightweight and easy to bring along with you. As a purchase that’s environmentally friendly, the LilyPad Playmat is a game changer!

We know that parents already have so many things needed to survive their out-of-house adventures, so we want to make sure that what you select ideally serves your family as your child grows.

Materials Matter

Nook’s patented organic Pebble fabric surface is just one of the many components that makes the LilyPad luxurious and comfy! Those raised pebbles offer the wonderful sleep and play space for baby while maintaining Nook’s safety standards of being breathable and organic. The non-toxic core is not foam, but rather is made up of 1-inch of woven recycled water bottle meshwork called PETE. This eco-friendly material keeps plastic bottles out of the landfill, providing more than just a comfortable spot to sit!


Most playmats are square foam floor tiles that are stationary and, let’s be honest, a bit unsanitary. Not the Nook LilyPad. We strategically designed the 40” round travel mat to be the perfect addition to any activity from tummy time on the floor at home to a picnic lunch with friends or a travel sleep mat while on vacation. Simply fold up, fold over, snap and go! The fold up dimensions are ideal for storing in the basket of a beach bag while the handles make it great for hanging on the handles of a stroller. Then, when life gets messy, wash the LilyPad in your home washing machine. 


It is a snap (or literally two) to fold up and take with you! The built in handles make it easy to carry on the airplane and store nicely in the overhead, to throw over your shoulder along with the diaper bag or loop onto the stroller handle. Take it to the park, grandma’s tile floor, mommy and me class or the airport (it fits perfectly in a carry on suitcase). Our little ones need a spot to be when not in mom’s arms and the LilyPad is perfect for naptime, tummy time and free-kicky times.


As your baby grows, the LilyPad continues to offer a comfortable space to sit while enjoying a snack or play when on the go. Take it to the beach, a soccer game or a concert in the park—the possibilities are endless. At 3 pounds, don’t stress yourselves—or your backs—with a heavy clunky chair, just grab the LilyPad! It’s a breeze for any member of the family to carry and eventually your baby will be a walking, talking big kiddo capable of carrying their special mat.  

Easy Maintenance

Just like any product babies use day in and day out (and in this case inside and outside of the home), it has to be able to withstand the elements (and by elements we mean slobber, diaper leaks, dirt, milk, baby food spills; basically life with little one.) Fortunately, Nook’s patented organic Pebble fabric is water and stain resistant. Small messes will bead up on the surface and can be easily wiped away. Taking your LilyPad for a concert in the park date night? That Pinot Grigio will bead up and wipe right off! (Hey, just throwing that out there). Nook knows all things babies and kids come in contact with must be machine washable and there is no exception when it comes to the LilyPad. Simply fold it up and toss it in the wash. Follow it with a no-heat tumble dry and those soft Pebbles are re-fluffed and ready for what the new day brings!

Made in the USA

All of our products are made in North America and we stand behind that mission. It’s important to Nook that we source and make products locally to ensure they exceed safety standards and are the highest quality.

It is always the Nook way to develop products that focus on safety and breathability as well as offer supportive comfort and ease of care. If it’s not easy to care for, it doesn’t make the cut! Serving multiple purposes and staying with the family for several years is icing on the cake! We have seen the Lilypad make a significant difference in families’ lives and they wonder what they did before they had one!

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