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Grow with Magnetic Me & Nook! We've got your sleep essentials covered!

We recently had a (virtual) sit down chat with Lauren, co-founder of Magnetic Me and mama of three, to learn about all things Magnetic Me! With 10 years making parenting easier with their genius magnetic closing design, we couldn't think of a better brand to partner with!

Read Magnetic Me's interview with Helenita (Nook Sleep co-founder), here!

Helenita, Nook Sleep: First things first, what's your name and what do you do at Magnetic Me?

Lauren: I’m Lauren! I’m the co-founder and visionary at Magnetic Me. We make clothes with easy magnetic fasteners for babies, toddlers, nursing moms and fam jams too!

Nook: You're a mama, too! How many kiddos do you have and how old are they?

Lauren: I had 3 babes in 15 months! Woah baby! My son Ari is 7. And Leora and Mimi are 6 (they’re twins!). 

Nook: Wowee! I don't know that I could've handled twins. My cousin just had her second set of twins! All parents are superheroes, right? So, how did Magnetic Me get started?

Lauren: I actually started in corporate real estate finance on Wall Street and my business partner Lawrence, a securities attorney, and I came up with the idea in 2008. After doing 2 years’ worth of homework, we launched in 2010 just as the recession hit. Every parent knows the gazillion diaper changes and outfit changes that happen each day, and making that process just a bit easier is part of our mission.

Nook: Such a change of scenery from corporate finance and law to the baby space! What incited the change? How did you think of the idea for magnets (genius!)?

Lauren: It all started 14 years ago when I was taking off my nephew’s Velcro bib. He started crying because his hair was getting pulled out from the Velcro tabs and so I thought… why not magnets? With that in mind, I went to change his diaper right after feeding him and had an awful time of it with so many snaps. I thought why not magnets for all of this mess?

Nook: That's the number one piece of advice I give to new parents! Just say no to zippers and velcro and buttons and snaps! Go with Magnetic Me or layette gowns in the first few weeks of sleepless nights. Magnetic Me was a lifesaver for me when I discovered it! So, what’s your favorite Magnetic Me product? Favorite color/print?

Lauren: The nursing pajamas we just launched are, hands down, my favorite right now. They truly are game changers for breastfeeding mamas (and the magnets lie totally flat, so they work for non-nursing moms too) and they’re so soft – like wearing a cloud. They cover you in all the right places and I sleep so well in them. Favorite print? Hard to choose… I always know when a season is going to be great when my baby fever is off the charts. Seems like that’s been happening every season! For Spring 2021, we brought back a fan favorite (it was originally called the breakfast club, but the new and updated print is called brunch bunch!) in baby, toddler, and mom sizes! Matching family pajamas are so much fun. We actually also made kids’ raincoats that we’re bringing back — little ones could put on and fasten their own rain jackets… boom done!

Nook: Raincoats? I love it! When we had the great freeze of 2021 down in Houston, I couldn't fathom having to bundle my kids up day after day in everything. It rains so much down here, though, that I may be one of your first customers for those raincoats for my kiddos! We love what we do, but hearing what our customers have to say is always what keeps us going. What’s your favorite customer story/testimonial that you hear over and over again?

Lauren: We started Magnetic Me to help parents save time (so there’s more time for the good stuff!), but the clothes also helped moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, etc. with mobility challenges, too. It’s been incredible to hear how meaningful our outfits have been for families.

Nook: You know, I didn't really think about the grandparent or mobility challenged customers, but you're so right! What a joy to know you're able to bring to all of those caregivers and parents who want to help take care of baby! So, other than your own products, what's your personal parenting hack?

Lauren: Hmmm. Right now, it’s definitely making deals with the kids! I’ll bargain with the kids (think: candy for massages) and it works out pretty great for everyone involved, and especially during COVID.

Nook: I feel like I had a pretty similar answer! At the end of the day, parents are basically master negotiators, right? When you're not mastering the art of parenting, what's your favorite part about being a part of Magnetic Me?

Lauren: Easy! We are a mission driven company. I get out of bed every day and try to figure out how to make the world a better place, how to make people’s lives easier, how to serve others. That feels good. Also, the people on the Magnetic Me team are the best, hands down.

Nook: I love that! Having a great team really makes it worth it, doesn't it? And having a mission for the greater good, too. We do the same in trying to ethically source sustainable products to leave the world a cleaner place for our kiddos. It definitely makes getting out of bed easier knowing you're helping make a difference. 2020 was a crazy year! Were there any silver linings?

Lauren: Last year as a whole was the strangest, most trying year I’ve ever lived. But, I can’t stop counting all the blessings and BIG things it brought as well...a halt to the hustle and grind (running everywhere and also nowhere), a return to nature and outdoor activities like watching my kids learn to ride a bike...I’ve lost 15 pounds at home (and gained 20 ). We got a puppy! There’s a part of me that was very happy to be able to pause everything and look around to see what was working in my life and what wasn’t. This wasn’t a little thing - this was major. When life picks back up, and I hope it does soon, I’m not sure we will ever get that chance again.

Nook: You can say that again! I think the forced pause really put so much into perspective for everyone! I know it made me realize how much time I was spending in front of my computer and not in front of my children. It's been trying but I hope it will be a time we all look back on with gratitude for the togetherness it brought. Wrapping things up, and it was so fun chatting with you, what's next for Magnetic Me in 2021?

Lauren: We just launched our sister brand, Simply Magnetic Me, which offers the softest organic baby basics in bundles, designed to help fill out baby’s wardrobe with all the magnetic fastening footies and coveralls you need for baby’s first year. Despite working almost totally remotely in 2020, Magnetic Me just launched the nicest and happiest Spring/Summer 2021 prints ever. It’s one of my favorites!


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