Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Fun and Fabulous Gifts for your Big Kids

Keep the holiday magic alive for your big kids with these sure-fire hits that will keep them active and entertained for days!

Little Pebble Pillow & Big Kid  Mattress

Every parent knows how important sleep is for your growing kiddos! Healthy, safe sleep doesn't end when your baby leaves the crib, so give our best-selling Little Pebble Pillow! Converting the crib to a full bed? Make the transition from crib to big bed easier with the Pebble Full Mattress. Our supportive mattress is great for big kids, and the familiar Pebbles offer cozy comfort all through the night.

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Wobbel Board

The wobble can be a rocking balance board, a seat, a safe haven, a bridge, a house, a step, a slide, a yoga aid, a fort, or a dinosaur. It can be anything minis want it to be! Wobbel encourages active imaginative play. It builds strength and balance as well as creativity. And not just for minis adults can have have fun too!

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Marble Rolling Tower

Drop a shiny glass marble in at the top of this colorful maplewood tower and watch it cascade from tray to tray--and play a soft musical surprise at the end of its run! At just about 16" tall, this toy makes a beautiful nursery decoration and an endlessly fun toy children three years and up.

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Make Your Own Monster Kit

Each kit contains a Pre-stitched creature shape, stuffing and felt bits and bobs and step by step instructions to make your very own unique friend. No sewing skills required. Not for young Children unless accompanied by an adult, if you're an adult that's ok too!

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Giant Acrylic Glitter Stones

All that glitters is good! Add some sparkle to playtime with these shimmering stones. The gorgeous gems are perfect to sprinkle over a party table, brighten up a craft project, or simply treasure in a secret box. Little ones will love using these to explore color and light or for sorting and counting.

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Primo Ride on Toy

The ultimate car for minis, the Primo Ride On is the combination of classic Italian design, with a fine handmade craftsmanship that creates a timeless ride on for toddlers. Just like a high-quality car, this ride on is crafted from sheets of solid metal, and welded by hand from a minimum of pieces.

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Baking Set

This exquisite baking set contains all the tools an aspiring pastry chef needs to create sweet and tasty treats - in miniature! The set includes an oven mitt, rolling pin, whisk, spatula, pastry cutter, pie tin, 2 heart-shaped cookie cutters, muffin pan, and a recipe book written in French.

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