Breastfeeding Positions using the Niche Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding Positions using the Niche Nursing Pillow

Let's get real with breastfeeding for a minute.

For me (and many of my friends), the first two weeks were the hardest part. Figuring out the right position while trying to recover from childbirth and exploring the uncharted territory of suddenly becoming a mother was just plain challenging. Throw in this tiny, screaming infant who just wants food and a let down that just doesn't seem to be happening and it didn't take much for me to feel like I failed before I even really had a chance to begin.

We didn't have the Niche Nursing Pillow with my first, but thankfully we had it by the time my second was born and, having been through it without a Niche the first go 'round, I can tell you what a difference having a truly useful nursing pillow made. Not only was it comfortable, super soft and thick, but all of those things came together to provide the best nursing pillow I've ever used, no matter what position I wanted (or needed) to nurse in. Whether you're a first time mom or a seasoned pro, every baby brings on a new breastfeeding journey and the Niche is the best nursing pillow for any position you and your baby prefer!

The Niche is able to be used in every possible nursing position whether you're cradling, cross cradling, football holding, side-lying or lying on your back. And if your nursing journey didn't go how you wanted it to, it's the perfect nursing pillow for bottle feeding! Take a look at some of our breastfeeding mamas enjoying the Niche! 

Cradle Hold Position

The Niche is great for newborns to bigger babies in this classic position. Whether you're sitting on the couch, in your glider or on the floor, the Niche will support your arms and back.

Cross-Cradle Hold Position

When you need an extra hand to help baby latch, the Niche's flexible yet thick, supportive arms help support babies head so you don't have to worry and can focus on helping your baby get the perfect latch.

Football Hold Position

Every baby latches differently and the Niche helps support mama's arms to make sure both baby and mom are as comfortable as can be.

Side Lying

Nursing is exhausting enough as is and sometimes you're just too tired to sit all the way up. That's when the Niche's cotton filling comes in handy, providing enough support for your head while still supporting baby's head enough to be at the perfect position to nurse.

Side Lying Cradle

When baby needs a little extra support in those early days but you still need some rest, the Niche can be used to help prop baby up and support your tired arms.

Bottle Feeding

Some mamas choose to exclusively pump or formula feed. The Niche is just as supportive for bottle feeding as it is for breastfeeding. Fed is best! 

Helenita Frounfelkner is a mother of 3 and at the time of publishing was Nook's Head of Marketing. To read more about her nursing journey, check out our latest blog, How the Niche Helped Me Breastfeed!
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