An Inside Look at Nook's Pure Organic Crib Mattress

An Inside Look at Nook's Pure Organic Crib Mattress

There seem to be mixed reviews about whether or not buying an organic crib mattress is important, so we’re here to help clear things up! Read on to find out why we think buying an organic crib mattress might be the right fit for some families and learn more about the Pure Organic Crib Mattress!

The Story Behind the Pure

When we became parents, we wanted to make sure our babies would have the safest and most comfortable and breathable crib mattress possible. As new parents like you, we really struggled with understanding exactly what a “safe” crib mattress meant. Through our research on early childhood development and sleep patterns, we learned that each baby is unique and safe sleep can be accomplished in many ways, depending on the needs and wants of each family. We set out to make a crib mattress that would check all of the boxes. For those parents who believe natural and organic is best, we developed the Pure Organic Crib Mattress.

So, what's it made out of?

Sourcing materials can be a wild ride, but we try to hard to meet the following criteria as much as possible when finding the right materials for our products: 

  1. Safe & Healthy
  2. Breathable
  3. Sustainable
  4. Comfortable & Supportive
  5. Long-Lasting

The Pure meets all of these important requirements, leaving parents’ minds at ease knowing they’re making the right decision. So, let’s take a closer look at how each of our chosen materials work together to make the Pure the best organic crib mattress for your baby!


Coconut Coir

Safe, Healthy & Breathable

Because coconut coir is moisture resistant, it allows moisture to pass through it, creating a breathable core that provides better airflow for baby. As if that weren’t awesome enough, the coconut coir then gets a liquid latex bath, making it resistant to mold, mildew, dust mites and bed bugs!


Did you know that coconut coir is made from coconut husks? How cool is that? With the increased consumer demands of coconut water, there was an abundance of unused coconut husk being produced. Since the husks are a natural byproduct of coconut harvests and coconut trees produce new coconuts regularly, the coir is a completely sustainable and eco-friendly product! 

Comfortable & Supportive

As if the sustainability wasn’t enough, coconut coir fiber is also a highly durable, springlike alternative material that offers a supportive base that’s much more suitable for baby’s sleep needs than the traditional inner-springs found in many mattresses.


Due to its inherent moisture-resistant nature, coconut coir will outlast metal springs used in traditional mattresses.

Why Coconut Coir?

Because it’s a safe, all natural, breathable, moisture-resistant, anti-mold and mildew, supportive and long-lasting material that prevents unnecessary waste of our natural resources.

Natural Rubber Tree Latex

Safe & Healthy

Harvested from the milky sap of rubber trees, latex is a natural, safe and non-toxic material. It is also naturally fire resistant. Natural Latex means we haven’t added any extra toxic chemicals to it during the manufacturing process. Concerned about a possible latex allergy? Not to worry! Neither you nor your baby will come in direct contact with this layer of the mattress since it’s wrapped in our natural wool!


Natural rubber is harvested just like maple syrup by tapping into the rubber trees to collect the sticky, milky liquid! From there, the harvested latex is heated and placed into molds. With so much synthetic latex on the market (i.e. latex mixed with petroleum), there’s often confusion around the two. The natural latex found in the Pure is free of any additives and chemicals. In addition to being a superior product to its man-made counterparts, the carbon footprint left by cultivating and harvesting natural latex is minimal. As if that weren’t enough, natural latex can be recycled and oftentimes are repurposed into cool things like playground mulch and gym mats! 

Comfortable & Supportive

Natural latex provides cushion for pressure points like hips and shoulders, making it ideal for growing toddlers and older children. They sleep better, which means you sleep better, which means the whole family sleeps better! Win/Win!


On average, organic or natural latex mattresses last longer than most other spring-based mattresses! An organic or natural latex mattress lasts 8 to 10 years while synthetic or latex hybrid mattresses last 6 to 8 years. Traditional innerspring mattresses last on average less than 6 years! (Source:

Why Natural Latex?

Because it’s a safe, all natural, anti-microbial, non-toxic, supportive and long-lasting material that prevents unnecessary waste of our natural resources.

Natural Wool

Safe & Healthy

Deemed one of Earth’s natural fire barriers, natural wool meets and exceeds all safety standards. Due to its inherent fire resistant capabilities, wool eliminates the need for any harsh chemical-based fire retardants. It comes unbleached and unprocessed, so each wool fire barrier will change in color and texture based on where it was harvested. Worried your baby’s sweet skin might be sensitive to the wool? Because the Pure is wrapped in Nook’s organic crib mattress cover, your baby will never come in direct contact with the wool layer of the mattress!


Wool is one of the most sustainable materials as it’s done by harvesting wool fleece from sheep. Shearing is typically done in the spring when a sheep doesn’t need its winter coat anymore, so it benefits the sheep and humans! Wool also tends to be washed less frequently than other materials, making its environmental impact much lower. 

Comfortable & Supportive

Wool is a natural insulator, which helps you sleep more warmly in the winter and cooler in the summer.


Wool is naturally coated in a protein called lanolin, which helps repel dust mites, keeping your mattress and baby safe and clean!

Why Natural Wool?

Because it’s a safe, all natural, non-toxic, breathable, temperature regulating, naturally flame resistant and long-lasting material that prevents unnecessary waste of our natural resources.

Functional on the Inside and Stylish on the Outside

We’re firm believers that just because it’s organic or natural doesn’t mean it has to look bland and boring. All of our crib mattresses come with your choice of an organic crib mattress cover, making the Pure the most organic crib mattress from the inside out! Our organic crib mattress covers are SUPER soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, water-resistant, machine washable and anti-microbial. With your choice of Pebble, Dimple and Print covers, your options are endless!

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