5 Tips For Transitioning Your Child To A Big Kid Bed.

5 Tips For Transitioning Your Child To A Big Kid Bed.

Transitioning your child to a big kid bed is a big step, but it doesn't have to be scary! Here are a few tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible!


1. Make sure that they are ready. Talk to your child about the transition and make sure they are comfortable. One of the most significant signs that your child is ready for their next bed is if they can climb out of their crib. This typically happens when the height of the crib railing is less than three-quarters their height. Once they can climb out, there is no keeping them in.


2. Make it safe: Your baby’s room is probably already childproof, but remember that toddlers are curious, like to climb, and may get out of bed and wander during the night. Invest in side rails for both sides of the bed. Ensure the bed is low to the floor and large furniture is secured. Cords and curtains should be out of reach, and outlets should be covered.  


3. Choose the right bed. Choose an all-natural GREENGUARD Gold certified bed and mattress like the Nook Pure Organic 2.0 Crib mattress or the Nook Pebble Twin mattress.


4. Make it fun. Allow your child to choose some fun new items for the transition. Fun things like a new pair of big kid pajamas from @littlesleepies, a new bedtime book, a blanket, or stuffy can make the change an exciting event. 


5. Be Patient! Transitioning from a crib is a big step; some children will adapt to it more quickly than others. Be prepared for sleep regression or setbacks. There may be times when bedtime is difficult, or they won’t want to stay in bed. If your child gets up and wanders, calmly bring them back to their bed and remind them that at night, they stay and sleep in bed until morning. 

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