Whether you're having a boy or a girl, we've got three stylish greys for you to choose from to give your nursery that perfect touch! Pair your Misty Pebble grey with our Cool Touch Dimple covers available in Silver Rattle (light grey) or Diaper Pin (darker grey)! Check out these inspirational looks!

Misty Pebble

Misty is a darker grey that compliments blues and greens or pinks and whites! Misty is available in our 3D SafeSleep™ Pebble. Its raised design gives your nursery design a subtle color with some fun dimension!


Silver Rattle Dimple

Looking for a more subtle hint of grey? Our Silver Rattle color available in our SafeSleep™ Dimple design provides a lower profile, chic and sophisticated grey to your nursery. Just a hue above white and a hue below grey, it's a versatile choice - perfect for boy or girl!



Diaper Pin Dimple

Love a darker grey but yearning for a less avant garde design? Look no further than our Diaper Pin color available in our SafeSleep™ Dimple cover. It's the perfect color for that in between dark and light grey you're looking for! Silver Rattle and Diaper Pin pictured side by side in this picture.