Blue. Such a beautiful color with so many gorgeous shades! From deep blues to aquas to baby blues, our stylish shades of blue available in both Pebble and Dimple SafeSleep™ covers are sure to give your nursery the perfect pop!


Pacific Pebble

Aptly named after the Pacific Ocean, this deep, rich blue color is perfect for a nautical, patriotic or traditional nursery. Pair it with white shades like Cloth Diaper and Cloud or add some light blues like Sky and Baby Blues and your nursery will have the perfect touch!


Baby Blues Dimple

Looking for a more subtle design and traditional baby blue? Our Baby Blues color available in our SafeSleep™ Dimple design provides a lower profile, chic and sophisticated light blue to your nursery. 



Peacock Pebble

Love a good turquoise or teal? Our Peacock color is beautiful, bright and cheerful, perfect for your little mermaid or adventurer. Whether tea time or nap time, Peacock is a fun way to add a pop of color to any nursery!


Sky Pebble

Easily one of my favorite colors in our lineup, Sky is perfect for a little boy or girl. It's a beautiful and rich mix of periwinkle and cornflower blue. Pair it with a some floral wallpaper or add it to your under the sea kid's room for the perfect finishing touch!